Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Attack on Muslim Women in London Tube station for wearing hijab

Physical Abuse has been found by opening a hijab to a Muslim woman in London's important tube station. Since the militant attack afterwards, the hostile behavior of Muslims in London is heading down. This incident happened on July 16th.

It is known that Aniso Abdul Qadir was waiting with girlfriend at the Baker Street tube station in London. Suddenly a man came up to him. He and his girlfriend were trying to open the hijab on the wall of the station and try to open. When the woman tried to stop him, the accused person beat him and his girlfriend. They also used to go mad.

Abdul Kadir told the incident that posted the picture of the accused, posted in the tweet. Then there was a storm of criticism in the social media. Not only the accused person, the woman accompanying her has been found guilty of making statements. Although a spokesman for British Transport Police said the incident was being investigated,

British transport police officials said that such incidents would not be tolerated at all. Although the accused responded to the reply of the woman, the alleged young man. He did not do any such work in his counter-claim. He is being framed by conspiracy. He claimed that he did not hurt anyone any day. But seeing the CCTV footage, the truth will emerge.

The job offer of London's 5 year old child!

London's five-year-old child was fined £ 150 for selling lemon juice to street people in front of his house. The complaint was that he was selling temporary shops by opening temporary shops beside the road.

The child is now getting many job offers. Many people say they can open their own stalls in different events.

The child's father Andrea Spice, a business school teacher, went to the East London London Film Festival. At that time, at the time of attending the festival, her five-year-old child took a table under a hobby and arranged for it with a shawl.

The child wanted to sell lemon juice to the celebrated people. But suddenly four council officials came and fined the child. They say that they are fined because they started a business without a trade license.

However, the Tower Hamlet Council apologized for the incident and also canceled the fine.

Mr. Spiceer said that her daughter is getting a lot of job offer for opening the stall selling lemon juice in front of the Boro Market festival.

On Twitter, the child's family said that we are very grateful and happy to see the response of people worldwide. The organizers of various festivals have called for the Lebu Shurbat shop in their festival premises.

Source: The National Student

United States is the most powerful aircraft carrier inaugurated

USS Gerald Ford, the United States has commissioned a large-scale aircraft carrier. On Saturday, the country's President Donald Trump commissioned a one-million-tonne warship with an event.

United States aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford has been built at a cost of around $ 13 billion. It is 1106 feet long. It does not get caught in the radar. There are two runways on it.

Five thousand people work in the ship, among them four thousand Marine soldiers and sailors. Its weight is one million tons. It has 80 aircraft capacity.

Commenting on the ceremony, the President Trump said that the warship created a big junk for the enemy. The new carrier, once claimed to be able to run for 20 years with the fuel,

This warship has been named as 'USS Geral R.' in the name of American 38th President Gerald Ford. Ford '.

Trump said at the inauguration of the carrier, "I welcome the commission for the construction of the Warlord Ford. I congratulate the American army and the workers engaged in the construction. '

The President handed over the President Trump to Captain Richard McCormick by organizing a ceremony at the Norfolk naval base in the country.

In 2009 the construction work of the ship started. It was handed over to the commission in the last year of construction for 6 years. After this, it was finally added to the navy on Saturday after various experiments.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Monday, 10 July 2017

He is the cricket's 'M Farah'

To be small, his name to the teammates is now just 'M'. Not only is England, Olympic champion Md Farah is not a long-distance runner. Moeen ali, who has long-term cricket, has been able to become a symbol of dependence on the new England captain Joe Root. Fast bowler Ben Stokes, who has the best batting line-up of off-spinner Moeen ali, whose bowling also has the ability to win matches. It is not a big achievement for the South African crumbled for 211 on the leadership's debut.
The captain, who started with the win, was overwhelmed by this achievement, "The best thing about the best innings of our batting is that the bowling of both of them is also quite useful. 'Moeen ali has worked very much in Lord's. The off-spinner took 4 wickets for 59 runs in the first innings in the second innings to become more competitive. In 53 days, 6 wickets for 6 victims, the team has won. Mike took 10 wickets in the first match of his 38 Test career, topping his captain, the match's best. Yes, the hosts scored 190 runs in the first innings of 458 runs, but Moeen ali(87) missed the century for a short while in the same innings.England south Africa cricket test 2017

Moeen ali, the player of the match-winning side, also increased the depth of the ball too much, Root said, "Whenever he is aggressive, his best comes out. In one word it was amazing. If you want to know about Moe, you will hear that he himself is a batsman who knows little bit of bowling. Finding such a person is luxurious for us. It is a great thing to use their opportunities in a positive mentality. His presence increased the team's depth. '

Moeen ali himself has flown the joy of the tide It's just about to go. Maybe he could not take his name on Lord's honors board by a century. But in the innings, he has already taken his name on the board with 10 wickets in 5 matches and he has already carved his name. In response, it said, "It is really a matter of great feeling to do such things in Lord's. 'Of course this is not the end here. There are more matches. And when the opponent is South Africa, then there is more cautionary demand. Because the Proteas have no record of losing any Test series outside the country in the last 10 years. Root, who started his career in captaincy with the win, is also keeping in mind, "They are a great team. Therefore, we have to ensure good preparation for the Trent Bridge Test. We should provide enough confidence from this win.

Terrible fire in the Cemetery market in London 2017

The incident of fire does not leave behind London. There was a fierce fire in Camden Lock Market in North London. CNN has said in a report.

The incident took place at London's local time on Sunday night. No casualties were reported yet in the fire. News CNN's

Fire service 70 workers are working in the fire. Fire service staff said that the first floor of the building was the third floor and there were flames on the roof. But the cause of the fire is still unknown.

This market is very popular for visitors to London. There are more than a thousand shops. Established in 1974, there are 28 lakh visitors present every year in this market.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Nokia 5: Great specification at low prices again

After a long time, once again, the return to the world of mobile phone King Nokia is a big event in the world. Especially with the famous Nokia 3310, the excitement, with the addition of Nokia 3 Android

The price of Nokia 3 is very low. But the specification is absolutely eye-catching. That does not mean the phone is not so good. Actually Nokia wants to reach the market after many days.

Nokia 5 has become the subject of discussion Its 5.2-inch screen is high definition. Snapdragon 430 chipsets are offered. RAM has 2 GB. Internal storage 16 GB The 13 megapixel camera is behind. 8 megapixel front Fingerprint scanner is getting it. Battery 3000 mAh

Nokia 5 will cost $ 200. The HD display matches this price. The price is kept within the purchasing power. Apart from this, the matter of full metal body and Octa-Core processors can not be dropped.

Can not say when it will come. So counting the days of waiting started Nokia 3 is not waiting to come in the next many people waiting.

Google started to produce wind power in Norway

Google is establishing a wind power plant in Norway, one of the world's largest information technology companies. It will be the first wind power supply plant in the country. Reuters reported in a report.

It has been learned that the plant, which has 50 turbines, will have power generation capacity of 160 megawatts. When the construction is completed, it will be Norway's largest wind power plant. At the same time, it will be the largest wind power plant in the US technology giant company in Europe.

A spokeswoman for Google said, "If the wind power plant is fully operational we will start buying energy from it. We think it will be in the beginning of September this year. "

Last year, Google had signed a 12-year contract to buy 100 percent of the plant. There are four European data centers in Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland. It is said by the organization that one or a few of these data centers will run in air power.

Plant-builder Jeffair spokesman Olov Rometweit said the first turbine of Telenes Plant will start production from the next week.

Earlier, Google signed an agreement with a small wind power plant in Sweden. The plant's activities are scheduled to start in 2018. In Europe, the company's renewable energy capacity will be 500 MW.

The bride death in helicopter crashed (including the video)

Lover lost her own life while giving a boyfriend a surprise The name of the deceased Rosemeer du Nasimonto Selva, resident of Brazil. After the white gown, she was going to marry the bride. At that time, boyfriend Woody Dammasenko was waiting for Alta. There the wedding ceremony was supposed to be there. About 300 guests were supposed to be present in the ceremony.

She was going to shove to reach the boyfriend. But suddenly, due to mechanical problems, the helicopter crashed. The helicopter broke down a few miles away from the destination. The helicopter was supposed to land on a nearby football ground. At the time it was not landed, relatives became worried. After reading some of them, they know that the bride has died.

In the plane, Rosemeere was without his brother, a female photographer and a pilot. A report from 'Mirror' has revealed that four people in the helicopter died. It was also known that the photographer had six months pregnancy. Video of the whole incident is now viral.

Police are investigating why the helicopter crashed. It was supposed to take 15 minutes to reach the destination. It is initially thought that the event happened due to bad weather, fog and rain.

Fires in Canada: Emergency in British Columbia 2017

The fires have spread in British Columbia, Canada. Emergency has been issued in the provinces to stop wildfire. Many people have been evacuated from wildfire areas. The BBC has said in a report.

In the province, for the first time in the last 14 years, the state of emergency has been issued. About seven thousand people have been evacuated to avoid death.

The state's government has said they are monitoring the situation and all preparations for disaster relief have been prepared.

The fire department said it was difficult to control the fires due to the blowing of wind and hot weather.

Floods in southern Japan 2017 death of 18

Due to heavy rains and floods in southern Japan, the number of dead has risen to 18. Today's official officials said on Sunday that the rescue operation was continuing.

The news also said that the flooding of rivers and houses in the rainy season increased due to the rain, and one of the four main islands on the southern tip of Japan has become a cause for concern. Besides, thousands of people have been moved to the school grounds and government buildings. Some of them are in helplessness, the staff involved in urgent care to rescue them. More than 500 people are still in contact.

Official officials say 18 people have died and 27 are missing. The rain continues.

Japan's Meteorological Agency issued a warning for heavy rains in Kyushu's northern region.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Sister accused of attack on the London Bridge

Heathrow Airport Authority has dismissed the sister of Khurram Butt, Haliya Bat, who was accused in the London Bridge attack on security fears. In a report, the Daily Mail said.

Halima joined the Heathrow Airport two months before the London Bridge attack. But now the family members of his family were suspended due to suspected terror links.

In the London Bridge, eight people were killed and many others were injured. Basically, he was exempted from the job because of his brother being a militant.

Saudi Arabia is the 'main foreign sponsor' for extending extremism in Britain

Among the foreign powers that are involved in spreading extremist sentiment in Britain, the major Saudi Arabia In a new report, Saudi Arabia is claimed to be the 'Chief Foreign Promotor' in promoting extremism.

In a BBC report, The Henry Jackson Society has cited Saudi Arabia's "clean and growing involvement" in sponsoring Islamic organizations and jihadist groups to spread violence in Britain.

Foreign Affairs urged people to search for the review of the role of Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries in relation to the Think Tank.

The Saudi Arabian embassy in Britain commented, 'Definitely baseless'.

According to the BBC, the ministers are under pressure to publish reports on Britain-based Islamist groups.

In December 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron commissioned The Home Office to publish reports on the existence and impact of jihadist organizations. There are questions about whether the report will be published at all.

Critics say the government's weak points will be exposed through this report. It could ruin long diplomatic, defense and economic relations with Saudi Arabia.

The report also said that several countries funded mosques and Islamic schools in Britain. Among them there are also Iran. These mosques and educational institutions are motivated to spread extremist ideas.

The countries which have been charged against Saudi Arabia have been referred to Saudi Arabia. Many of the country's people and organizations are exporting these 'narrow and fanatic Wahabi doctrine' in Britain.

In most cases, British companies accept funds from Saudi Arabia, they are being directly operated under the direction of the country.

The BBC's Frank Gardner said that this report was published in a time when Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt are going through a sensitive period.

According to the opinion of Labor Party MP Dan Jervis, the BBC said the relationship of promoting Saudi and extremist doctrine through the report was "very worrying". He urged Britain to publish a detailed report on the subject.

Meanwhile, another leader of the Labor Party, Jeremy Kelly, demanded immediate cancellation of Britain's arms supply agreement in Saudi Arabia. He also called on the Saudi Arabia's military campaign in Yemen and the record of human rights violations.